Poker is a card game for two to eight players with a goal of winning a pot, the sum of all bets made during one deal. In order to win the pot a player must have a better hand than any other player. There are a number of different poker variants, each with its own rules and strategies.

To begin a hand, each player must “ante” (put in a bet) an amount of chips representing money for which the game is played. A white chip is worth the minimum ante, while red and blue chips are of increasing value. In most games a single player serves as dealer, and after each round of betting the dealer passes the button (the position to his left) to the next player.

At the start of each betting interval, a player must either check (not call the bet), fold or raise. A raised bet is a good indication that the player has a strong hand and may want to increase his wager.

The highest five-card hand wins the pot. There are many possible hands, but the most valuable are four of a kind and straight. Three of a kind is less desirable but still good, and a pair of distinct cards is decent as well. High card breaks ties if there are multiple hands with the same value.

A poker tournament is a series of poker events at a store, convention or other event led by an organizer who makes sure the games run smoothly and efficiently. Players play their favorite games multiple times over the course of a day, and some even get to compete for prizes!

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