The object of poker is to get the highest-ranked hand and win the pot by betting until all other players have folded. If all players fold, the winning player collects the pot and does not reveal his or her hand. If the game is a draw, all players in the pot share the pot equally. However, if only one player is left, the remaining players may choose to fold the hand. Then, the pot is split evenly. If more than one player is left in the hand, a showdown occurs.

Bluffing is an excellent strategy when you have the best hand and do not want to lose the pot. In addition to calling when you have the best hand, you should not bluff too much because you may lose the pot. Instead, try semi-bluffing, whereby you can win the pot and save the extra bet for another round. However, do not go overboard in bluffing and always try to win the showdown.

The best hand is known as the “nuts.” This is the best possible hand at any given time. A pair of sevens, a trip seven, and an eight-to-nine straight are examples of the best possible hands. If one player has more than one five-of-a-kind hand, it is called a “high-five” hand. During this hand, the player with the highest pair wins the pot. If he has two pair-card hands, a straight or a better-than-pair hand, he will break the tie.

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