Keeping casinos secure begins on the casino floor. Casino employees watch the games and patrons closely. Dealers are usually focused on their games and can spot any attempt at cheating or foul play. Other employees, such as pit bosses, watch the table games to make sure that players are not abusing the rules. These employees are also monitored by a higher-up individual. As a result, security in casino games is always on the high side.

A casino has a high house edge, meaning that it cannot afford to lose. This makes the house advantage a key metric for casino profits. It is also important to note that a casino does not want to discourage players from playing, so it will not allow patrons to know when to stop. The longer a patron plays, the higher the house edge will be. For this reason, casinos offer free drinks and cigarettes, to encourage patrons to spend more time playing.

High rollers spend more money than average gamblers, so casinos concentrate on rewarding them with extra perks and comps. Known as “comps,” these programs encourage players to spend more money and get a better experience. They also receive free or discounted casino chips and hotel rooms. Moreover, these comps may be worth thousands of dollars. In return for such extra attention and incentives, casinos are able to reap massive profits. That’s why casinos have dedicated departments to customer service.

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