Casinos are where the rich and famous gather. They’re where the Rat Pack hung out, the first Ocean’s 11 was filmed and where millions of dollars pass through daily. They fascinate even those who don’t gamble. But what really goes on inside these places where you can bet your life?

Casinos offer many things besides pulsating gaming action. They’re also entertainment centers, food venues and hotels. Many of them operate 24 hours a day and they have to deal with everything from people counterfeiting casino chips, card counting, using stolen credit cards and other security issues. They also have to keep people fed and hydrated at all times as well as ensure that they’re of legal gambling age.

In addition to the gambling, casinos also employ many people. They need dealers, dealers’ assistants, pit bosses and other supervisory personnel to run the games. They also need security guards, managers and others to handle the financial side of the operation.

Then there are the restaurants, bars and hotel staff. They need cooks, waiters and other hospitality staff to feed the people who gamble in them. They also need security staff and managers to make sure that people are gambling legally.

But the biggest impact a casino has is with its local economy. Gambling boosts a region by bringing in huge numbers of people who spend money on meals, rooms and drinks. These funds get re-invested in the community, providing jobs and a wide variety of other economic benefits.

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