Casinos have elaborate surveillance systems and employ a team of security professionals who monitor the games and patrons. The cameras are mounted in ceilings to keep a close watch on the floor and can be adjusted to follow suspicious patrons. The video feeds are also recorded and reviewed later to spot possible cheating. Every casino employee is tracked by someone higher up.

In order to keep track of the amount of money that each player has deposited, the casino employs count rooms, which are monitored by microphones and cameras. The count room is where the money is counted before it is transported in an armored car and deposited in a bank. Casinos are able to keep track of every penny because of the high level of security and surveillance.

In order to run a casino, a team of mathematicians, computer programmers, and other experts are involved in the process. These individuals work to determine the house edge and variance of the games, so that the casino will be able to make a profit. Since casinos cannot employ in-house experts, they hire experts to do this work for them.

Casino managers are also responsible for keeping the games running smoothly. They need to make sure that players know when they win big. This is crucial because they need to keep the customers happy and ensure that they keep playing. In addition to this, they must look out for potential fraud.

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