It’s a place where champagne glasses clink and tourists and locals mingle. It’s a place where you can test your luck at gambling, dance to a live band or try your hand at the bingo game. And it’s a place where you’ll get to spend all of your money. It’s called a casino, and every aspect of it is designed to lead you into spending more and more. Here are nine tricks casinos use to keep you spending money:

1. Make You Forget About Time

The people managing a casino want you to lose track of time and continue gambling. That’s why they don’t place clocks around the casino. Instead, the building is filled with dazzling lights and sounds to create an artificial sense of blissful euphoria that makes it hard for you to stop gambling. Whenever someone wins on a slot machine or blackjack table, there’s always loud cheering. This creates a false sense of possibility that keeps other gamblers betting their money in the hopes of a win.

2. Offer Comps

Casinos give players free goods and services to reward them for their patronage. This can include a hotel room, restaurant meals, show tickets or even airline and limo service for high rollers. These benefits are designed to encourage more play, which in turn drives more profit. Casinos also offer different tiers of rewards to attract customers and increase customer retention.

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